Berlov Group

191028, Санкт-Петербург

Ул. Моисеенко, д.3/14 (угол Суворовского пр.)

тел.: +7 (911) 999-02-82


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Юридическая компания Berlov Group Foreign Investments & joint ventures


We are Berlov group. We were founded to provide legal assistance to a joint venture and since that time we have been working with corporate and foreign clients.

Our leading lawyers received their legal education at the leading Russian law school - St-P State University. We can just mention that the most famous of the graduates of this school now is Mr. Putin - the President of Russia. The fact that every our lawyer has wide legal experience and specialisation in certain aspects of law allows us to solve the most complicated problems .

Why is the number of our clients growing?

Structural changes of Russian economy have led to the multiple complication of law. The great number of unreasoned statutes and acts makes observance of law a really difficult thing. But do not think that there are no rules: the modern and at the same time classical Russian law has obtained the shape and now is becoming more and more concrete.

It is more and more important to act correctly. Our practice explicates that even a small advice of an expert made at the proper time can prevent you from considerable losses . And surely someone experiencing problems needs help of an expert.

What is our job?

We do not only carry on lawsuits. Companies are not only to fulfil Law, but they also are to fulfil formalities of different kinds. But such formalities always come hand to hand with Law. Often those are common procedures, but they often turns out to be noticeable handicaps for one's business. It often becomes more complicated than a lawsuit.

We are used to find optimal solutions in the best interest of our clients.

recommendations of our western clients;
each lawyer has his own specialisation;
most difficult cases ;
documentation and correspondence in English;

main fields of our professional activities.

  • representation in North-West region of Russia;
  • investments;
  • complex assistance in starting your business in Russia;
  • court and arbitrage cases;
  • drafting and expertise of instruments (documents) and contracts;
  • memorandums and articles of association;
  • securities;
  • consultations;
  • taxation law;
  • real estate;
  • assistance in authorisations.

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Moiseyenko st.3/14
    +7 (911) 999-02-82
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