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Our Services

"What we do" is a kind of standard list of legal job. We are professionals which means that we simply must be able to provide the whole spectrum of legal services. And we are.

Some of our services are very similar to those in any European country, and here we want to highlight some of the most important ones for our foreign clients.

First of all it is law and business consulting

To have a preliminary advice seems quite important to us for the following reasons:

1. The devil is in details. And this saying is crucial for foreigners acting in Russia. The first practical impression of Russia is that it resembles the West a lot: architecture, English speaking staff, western capitalism and so on. However, differences in details sometimes do not get enough of your attention. Finally, these differences lead to achieving a slightly different result. Sometimes even completely different from what you had expected.

In the end, such misunderstanding can suddenly turn into a new and unpleasant quality of your business.

It is especially important for planning and making prognoses.

2. Capitalism in Russia is young, and legal practice very often remains far behind new rules and even the Law. If you used to act, for example, in the UK, you can have no doubt to lay on commercial and court practice. But so far in Russia law acts can be changed even before they get into power. And changes often have dimension of a reform. So, even if you have experienced, but not professional legal staff, they know just how it used to be done, but not how it has to be done at the moment.

3. One of the most common reasons is that sometimes practice here has some peculiarities, which you can not foresee.

4. We realise that your business is unique in some aspects. That means that you need individual legal schemes to be created and further on they need to correlate with local law and practice. What you need is not probated and widely used ways, but a new and creative legal work. And in this case a consultation is usually only a first step.

You may wonder, what a rubbish is the term "legal creative work". But our practice shows that you can not root some business into the local market without transforming it. And it often turns out that there are no people here who had done something like that before. Our experience has shown that a lot of flexibility and creativity are needed to meet and combine the business interest and the articles of the law.

Legal audit

We are developing a form of legal assistance which is new for Russia. It could be called "legal audit".

In a couple of words it is to check your previous - but up to the present day- business activity and see whether it is in the accordance with the law.

It has the next positive features:

you can not always be sure that you have not already put in.

2. The specific thing for Russia is that prosecution is always late. Sometimes it seems lost in great Russian expanses or, may be in tangled lobbies, forever. But sometimes it comes. And then you are all of a sudden told that you had been doing a LOT of things in a wrong way for a very long time.

3. State control bodies are interested in some limited spheres, and some of your mistakes may bring no negative results for you for a very long time. One of our foreign clients said that during the long time he had been doing business here, he had never been cheated. Nevertheless, he came to us as a result of having been cheated here by another foreigner. But we dare say that the more negligent you are, the more chances you have to run across the cheaters even in uninhabited Siberia. So it is better to try to eliminate mistakes by yourself, not waiting for people who are ready to take advantage of them.

4. An important factor in comparison with consultations is that you are consulted about future actions and there are no complete guaranties, that, firstly, the circumstances will remain exactly the same, or secondly, you will be acting in full accordance with the advice, or thirdly, no new or hidden factors appear. Then your completed actions are checked, you have got 100 % definite answer and your checked documents could be used in the future as a safe and tested basis.

5. The subject of legal audit is mostly your current documentation. It is the most important, but usually forgotten field - we mean in comparison with the new strategic development projects for the future, which are usually the company's favourite children.

6. The volume of our job is per-estimated and certain both for us and for you, and the brightest feature of the audit is the correlation between the price you pay and the quality you get. It is not a secret that a client of a lawyer is not always sure what exactly he is paying for. Don't think that lawyers hate certainty - we just not always can find a border off hand. And that is the reason why we like legal audit - we do not look like a man fishing in a dark water and our clients know from the very beginning up to the very end what they are paying for.

Real estate

Many our cases concerning to the real property and you can find on Russian pages.

Representation in the North-West region of Russia and Moscow

The most common form of representation of our foreign clients in which we are involved is a constant or time to time but long term representation, during which we fulfill tasks of different kinds on behalf of our client, such as expertise and providing transactions, courts, clearing of rights and duties , participation in meetings with prospective partners and so on.

But here we would like to stress only one aspect or form of the representation. It is a case, then you see an inaccuracy in payments, delivery or something else on the side of your partner here. But you are located out of Russia and can not check him properly.

There is a difficulty in such situation. You can not be sure whether it is an accidental inaccuracy and later you will have successful business with this partner, or it was a tint of a beginning of his collapse or something unpleasant for you. And the specific thing for Russia is that if you did not get you money back on time, you may never see it, despite of legal or any other (see movies about Russia) actions.

And your policy in this situation must be two-fold: you should keep contact with your so called partner in order to control the situation and at the same time be preparing arguments for possible future court action.

Using help of a lawyer seems the best solution in this situation to us. On the one hand from the very beginning we try to act like a usual commercial agent, discussing not the time to meet in court with the so called partner, but the real opportunity for him to fulfil the contract. But we do not hide the fact that we are lawyers. And the behaviour of the so called partner is one of the most informative marks of his intentions.

We think that the new psychological situation for him is one of important factors. On the one hand he is not under an obvious pressure, and if he is sincere he can regard it only as a normal situation of looking for a way out of difficulties. But on the other hand it is clear for him, that he could see a legal pressure in the nearest future and the time it might happen depends a lot on his behaviour and his corresponding behaviour is a serious mark. It works even if you partner is a big structured corporation.

But the most important argument to use a lawyer on this stage is that the last stage of talks could turn into the first stage of court procedure - a stage of preparation for it. And although our principle is that the court is the last weapon, Si vis pacem, para bellum, and only with the help of a lawyer you could be prepared to this war.

An alternative could be to use help of a private detective company. Sometimes it is a good decision, and we sometimes act together with them, but a legal point of view has some peculiarities:

1. Ability to foresee a result of some action. And not only legal results, because we just consider a chain of people's acts, its legal qualification and afterward the practical results of it all. To foresee is our job.

2. The open conversation reveals not only the present situation, but also the future one. You have more chances to predict it, or you can get the information about the perspectives by somebody's slip of the tongue.

3. You have a chance to change the situation, especially if it is a kind of uncertain for the so called partners themselves.

4. Or at least you have a chance to create more evidence of the kind that you exactly need.

Obviously, a secret collection of information does not have the above mentioned pluses and an open representation is often the shortest way to reveal a real situation.